Allow myself to introduce... myself

When I was little I would make movies with my friends. They were good.   But as an only child most of the time I was alone.  So I would spend hours creating and acting out stories by myself.  As I grew up I began to tell stories to my friends.  I was horrible.  It pained me to not be able to share what I had experienced to others.  Through many tortuous years I learned.  I never knew why I liked stories so much.  I still don't. But I do know that stories remind me of who we are.

They call out the greatness within all of us.  Stories also humble us as they illuminate  our weaknesses and flaws.  They show me the truth of who I am so that I can address my flaws and embrace my gifts.  Stories are the mirror that help usher us into our destinies.   Stories inspire us by enlarging our world and coloring it in.  They are the shovel, excavating our buried dreams and desires, uncovering who we really are. 

All that can make acting sound rather lofty but it's my experience. There's no less dignity in a man digging a ditch than there is in the president of the United States.  They both possess dignity and silliness.   I could give many reasons to why I act.  Some noble, like wanting to change the world through storytelling, some shallow, like loving the attention of an audience, but at the end of the day I just want to be on stage acting and singing than nearly anything else.